Sandman Doppler: The World’s Best Alarm Clock 

The Sandman Doppler is the world’s best alarm clock! It’s got Alexa, 6 USB charging ports, awesome stereo speakers and a bunch of other nifty features. Meet the Sandman Doppler, the best alarm clock you’ve ever seen!

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Viewpoint: Neutron-Star Implosions as Heavy-Element Sources

This scenario is similar to one proposed by Joseph Bramante and Tim Linden in 2016 [11]. Instead of PBHs, they proposed that dark matter particles could accumulate inside an aging neutron star to form a star-consuming black hole. As the black hole accreted mass, it would release enough gravitational binding energy to power the ejection of dense neutron matter for strong-r-process synthesis.

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Matterfall’s Must-Try Augmented Loadouts, as Recommended by Housemarque

PlayStation people! Tommi Hartikainen here, game director of Matterfall. Everyone at Housemarque is very excited that you are finally able to get your hands on our latest game this week, and I’m taking this opportunity to tell you a bit more of some of my favourite augmentations, which are some secondary weapons and passive abilities that will help you to survive.

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