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    From the KickStarter Page:

    J Elaine Morris 6 minutes ago
    I agree with
    @Humberto Javier Hernandez Venegas on April 24
    “Let’s make a massive claim so that the problem is resolved soon on the next page.

    I have issued my complaint with IC3.GOV as well since I have been blatantly IGNORED since April 16….

    J Elaine Morris 15 minutes ago
    @Maz Iqbal
    Yes, he has issued a refund to @Ben Inks.

    He was going to refund me before he decided to disappear for over a month…

    I am STILL waiting to receive MY money back even though Tom is WELL aware of the multiple refund requests he has to issue…

    J Elaine Morris about 5 hours ago

    What the hell is going on?? I have been constantly trying to reach you through SIX DIFFERENT PLATFORMS!!!

    You were emailing consistently for a whole 10 minutes an disappeared off of the face of the earth for over a MONTH!?! NOW I AM SEEING THIS BS “UPDATE”!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!

    I hope you understand, This is EXACTLY why you are going to FAIL!
    You cannot provide ANY proper customer service to your backers!
    How is this going to work once (IF EVER) this product ACTUALLY hits the market?? YOU WILL FAIL!

    It is PAINFULLY obvious you do NOT care about your customers! This is a HUGE deal breaker for me and I WANT OUT!

    I want MY MONEY back NOW!!!

    I have sent MULTIPLE requests DIRECTLY to YOUR email address requesting these funds as well as sending payment reminders! I have emailed you on every email address platform I have. I have also issued complaints where they are needed and I am willing to take this to court!


    I do NOT want this product and I REFUSE to support this scam any longer!!

    Please understand, sir, I will NOT stop until my money has been returned! So please, make this easier on yourself and GIVE ME MY MONEY!!

    You have multiple accounts of mine available to you that are able to receive the funds immediately. YOU should not spend more than 5 minutes to log in and issue the refund!!

    You might actually be able to keep more customers/backers by issuing MY refund so they don’t continually see the scam for what it really is..


    Once MY money has been returned I WILL CEASE & DESIST which is truly to YOUR benefit not mine, Tom…

    I want MY MONEY back, TODAY TOM!!

    PROMPTLY REFUND $299.00 (USD) to: – OR –

    Do NOT test me further Tom. I will make this a living hell for you so just give me my damn money back!!!

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    1. Thank you for this information. We will review the post and will make a decision to move it before end of day today. Please note that any decision made to fund a project it’s not affiliated or related to EISIST.Tech, please always do additional research on anything you invest in. We only want to shed light on potential technology that can change society or the world.

      Thanks again for the information.

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    1. Hello Karin

      In the article there are a few clickable link leading to the Auto i Kickstarter page. Please follow the link for more information on how to purchase an Auto i.



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