This $5 Sticker Will Prevent Your AirPods From Being Stolen

“Just losing ONE side, the left EarPods or the right EarPods and you’ll have to buy a new pair”

Note: Substituting Air pods with Ear pod, just because. It’s pretty much the same thing, Apple is just trying to be clever.

We all know that the apple’s EarPods headphones doesn’t come cheap. I’m not too sure why anyone would ever want to buy Apple EarPods but if you do, losing one earbud means having to spend another $70 to replace it.

Apple EarPods also has the issue with its charging case size which is a pretty small and could easily be “indefinitely borrowed” or lost.

According to ubergizmo, the folks at Gizmodo  recently came across a weird sticker on Etsy which is only $5. It pretty much guarantees that your ear(Air)pods will not be stolen. It’s mentioned that they’re guaranteed that no thief (or co-worker) will be interested in snatching it out of your hands or taking it from your desk because the ear(air)pod case looks like a case of dental floss, Glide’s Oral Pro Health dental floss to be exact.

“Ok..I’ll continue with the real device name- Air pods”

The case sticker is designed to disguise your AirPod to look exactly like the Oral-B brand but due to obvious reasons they had to rename it to Oral O. Fortunately to a regular thief, all floss cases look the same. If you’re looking for a cheap an easy way to protect your pods, this clever anti-theft tool would come in handy.

You’ll be able to get one for yourself on the seller’s Etsy Shop check them out.

For the sake of answering the question: How often does the apple Air pod fall out of your ear? check out the video below:

Video via: Andrew OHara

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