Mass Effect 2 is free on Origin (again)


Mass Effect 2 is currently free to download for all members of Electronic Arts’ Origin distribution platform. Windows PC copies of the critically acclaimed game’s Standard Edition are “on the house” for a limited time, requiring only an Origin account to grab one.

This is the second time Electronic Arts has given Mass Effect 2 away for free in recent weeks. On Dec. 20, the publisher offered the game for a short period of time, although it didn’t appear to be a part of the Origin on the House promotion.

Mass Effect 2 typically costs $19.99 for the Standard Edition, while the Deluxe Edition, which includes a soundtrack, digital comic, art book and bonus weapons, costs $29.99.

For those who have yet to try the Mass Effect games, this may be a good chance to do so. The franchise’s upcoming entry Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming off a big week, during which Electronic Arts and developer BioWare revealed it’s long-awaited release date. The PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One game will launch on March 21 in North America.

Check out some screenshots from its latest trailer, which debuted last night during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, below.

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