Nintendo Switch Accessories Outed By Finnish Retailer

The Nintendo Switch might be a few days away from its full reveal but we’ve already seen peripherals and accessories break cover online, and now we have some more to add to the list.

Finnish retailer Konsolinet has listed several products from a company called ORB on its website, including a silicon case, thumb grips and even a stand for the machine.

ORB Essentials Travel Pack – 29.95

ORB Game Card Holder 16 – €12.95

ORB Screen Protector & Cloth – €9.95

ORB Silicone Grip & Protector – €16.95

ORB Stand – €14.95

ORB Thumb Grips – €9.95

Will you be purchasing any of these accessories when you get your Switch, or do you not see the point of such items? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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by Damien McFerran





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