Here’s How Dragon Quest Heroes II On Switch Shapes Up Against The PS4 Version 

The Nintendo Switch isn’t as powerful as the Xbox One or PS4, despite rumours many months that argued the opposite. This isn’t actually that much of a shock when you consider that the Switch can be taken out of the house with you, while the PS4 is distinctly un-portable. It’s a trade-off that had to happen, and given the visual quality of the games we’ve seen running on Switch so far, one that we’re pretty comfortable with here at Nintendo Life.

However, it’s always worth seeing how cross-platform games compare side-by-side, and one example we have already is Dragon Quest Heroes II, which has been confirmed for release on the Switch along with the first title in a special double-pack.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is already available on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, so we’re able to draw comparisons between the two in screenshot form.

Here’s the PS4 version:

…and here’s the same scene on Switch:

Finally, here’s a simple comparison which shows how the environments in the Switch version are comprised of less polygons (PS4 is the top section, Switch is the bottom):

None of the above should really come as a massive shock given that the Switch clearly isn’t going to be as powerful as a full-blown home console, but the differences aren’t earth-shattering if you ask us. In fact, if you take away the PS4 screenshot and assess the Switch one on its own, it’s looking pretty decent for a console the size of a small tablet.

What are your thoughts on this comparison? Are you happy that the Switch is able to host such cross-platform titles, even with graphical changes? Or were you optimistically holding out for visual parity? Let us know by posting a comment.

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