Tesla Model S P100D runs a 0-60mph in 2.389-sec after ‘Ludicrous+’ update and throws cold water on Faraday Future 

Following the ‘Ludicrous+’ software update that unleashed more power in the Tesla Model S P100d and achieved a 2.46-second 0 to 60 mph acceleration in its first test, CEO Elon Musk said that there’s actually still room for improvement and that the P100D stock could reach a 2.3-second time.

As it turns, he was right since a Model S P100D just ran a 0-60mph in 2.389-second after the ‘Ludicrous+’ software update.

It’s important to note that the improvement is achieved solely through a software update on a stock vehicle.

A modified version with a weight reduction can, of course, be quicker. Electric GT recently unveiled a stripped-down Tesla Model S P100D with the same update and claims that it can achieve a 2.0-second 0 to 60 mph acceleration.

But the new 2.389-second time was achieved with the stock Model S P100D of the Tesla Racing Channel on Youtube.

They released a video yesterday with their first runs since the ‘Ludicrous+’ update and the very first run achieved the new record:

Video via Tesla Racing Channel

Just like that and with a software update, Tesla beats the claims made by Faraday Future with its new FF91 concept which can also achieve a 2.3-sec time, but that’s with a partially stripped-down interior and for a vehicle still not available.

Nonetheless, it was one of the main features setting FF apart, but now it doesn’t seem as impressive and it’s safe to say that Tesla still has an edge with acceleration.

After running the 2.3 0-60 mph, the P100D was surpassed on the dragstrip, but that was by heavily modded cars with no tags.

When it comes to stock cars, the Model S P100D Ludicrous is the quickest production car in the world and just happens to be electric.

Additionally, owners will be able to better appreciate and take advantage of the performance now without fear of seeing the power output of their car limited after frequent use.

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