Watch this self-driving car successfully navigate a rainy road at night has been hard at work developing autonomous car software since it introduced itself last summer, but the Silicon Valley tech startup now has something to show for it.

An impressive video demonstration was just released by showing the progress of its self-driving technology.

In the video,’s autonomous vehicle handles realistic hazards faced by everyday commuters like four-way stops, nighttime traffic, and rainy roads.

According to, the test was run in Mountain View, CA and utilized the company’s deep learning algorithms to overcome common pitfalls of automated driving  – primarily confusing reflections and glare from incoming traffic during wet or dark conditions.

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The autonomous vehicle startup also points out a few other standout moments in its demonstration video, including navigating a narrow lane thirty seconds in, successfully avoiding a car after getting cut off one minute in, and supposedly even understanding a broken red light at the 1:50 mark.

Though didn’t announce any plans when to expect its tech to come to market, this demonstration shows the group hasn’t been slacking off – especially as competitors ranging such as Google, Uber, Nvidia, and Tesla all race to make autonomous driving the new normal on the road.

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