TheMexicanRunner Is One Game Away From Finishing Every NES Title On Twitch

Way back in May 2014, TheMexicanRunner began his NESMania project with the ultimate objective of completing every single officially licensed western NES game live on Twitch. That’s a whopping 714 games in total, in case you were wondering.

After three epic years, he’s now one game away from achieving that goal. He’s racked up a staggering 3000 hours of gameplay during this epic quest, and on February 26th at 12 PM EST, he will sit down to play – and complete, we don’t doubt – Super Mario Bros. 3, arguably one of the console’s best titles.

By the end of play on the 26th – barring some terrible natural disaster – TheMexicanRunner will become the first person to beat every single NES game and stream it live – that’s quite an accomplishment. You can watch events unfold on Twitch, and check out all of his previous videos over on this YouTube channel.

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This article was originally posted on Nintendo Life

by Damien McFerran




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