Tesla releases a series of new promotional videos with people swapping their car for a Model S for one week

Last year, Tesla launched a new program called ‘Drive to Believe’ in order to invite car owners across European markets to swap their car for a Tesla Model S for a whole week.

Apparently, the participants completed their week and Tesla is now featuring some of them in a series of promotional videos with “more to come”.

Tesla will sometimes allow extended test drives, but it’s apparently at the discretion of the local stores, which are often quite busy, so it’s not a common occurrence as we understand it.

Therefore, this new ‘Drive to Believe’ program was a good opportunity for people looking to try the Model S for more than just a short test drive.


According to a legal document for the launch of the program, Tesla was taking applications from 25-year old or older residents in the following European markets: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Italy, Denmark, Ireland.

It covers pretty much all European markets where the Model S and X are currently available. The company was taking applications until 31 December, 2016 and there’s currently no new round of the program announced yet.

Tesla appears to be releasing videos of the winners per country. It has so far published one from Germany, Christian who traded his Mini One for the Model S, and another from the Netherlands, where Marjoleine traded her Volvo C30 for the Model S. The company says that there are more videos coming.

Here are the first two videos:

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This article was originally posted on Electrek

by Fred Lambert





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