This iPhone 7 plus catches on fire | Is apple following in Samsung’s footsteps?

On Feb 22nd Brianna Olivas posted a video of her iPhone 7 exploding (the phone didn’t really explode, it just went up in smoke)  on her twitter feed. She later posted pictures of the chard iPhone.

In the video’s tweet Olivas comments  “So my iPhone 7 plus blew up this morning. Was not even using it, literally no explanation for this.” Since Olivas video post, it’s been retweeted more than thirty thousand times.

Before the issue Olivas explained that she actually went to an Apple store the day prior to the iPhone meltdown, complaining that her phone wouldn’t turn on. According to sources the apple technician triaged the phone and gave it the “Ok everything is fine” nothing was wrong when they checked the iphone.

The next day is when the iPhone went all Samsung Note 7 on poor Olivia.

Placing the split and melting phone on a kitchen counter as it is propped up on a sink edge, the video above captures smoke coming out of the casing.

Seeing a melting, smokey phone is all too familiar reminding us of last years crash and burn of Samsung’s note 7 where a number of end users reported their phones spontaneously bursting into flames. Later leading to the phone being formally banned from being taken on any planes internationally. The cause is expected to be the same: high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.

At the time, fewer than 10 reports of the Note 7 catching fire, prompted Samsung to issue a global recall causing  its reputation to almost flat line.

Olivas’ phone issue is actually not the first reported incident of it’s kind involving an iPhone 7. An Australia man once reported his iPhone 7 burned out his car. And a Reddit user reported his phone had burned in transit. There were also other isolated reports of iPhone 6 Pluses burning up.

The iPhone 7 has been out for six months now but the Galaxy Note 7 incidents all began only within a few weeks of its launch.

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This article was originally posted on ESIST.Tech

By Brent Bain





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