While You Were Offline: Twitter Cripples @ Replies and Also Spirits

While You Were Offline: Twitter Cripples @ Replies and Also Spirits

Last week, the people of Twitter were upset about a lot of things. But mostly they were upset about Twitter.


So Long, @ Replies!

What Happened: Twitter decided to change the way it worked this week. As you might expect, Twitter users were thrilled. Wait. Is that the word we’re looking for?
Where It Blew Up: Twitter, media reports
What Really Happened: On Thursday, Twitter announced a change in the way its reply functionality worked, which takes the “@[name]” out of the body of the actual tweet, allowing for more space for the message.

Of course, this prompted much media discussion. But how did Twitter users, those most affected by the change, take it?

TWITTER: We’re making some changes. What do you want?
TWITTER: Sure we can make your replies super confusing, done!

People: (Yell at Twitter for years to implement anti-harassment features)

Twitter: You want more complicated replies & threading, right??

That’s Twitter in the corner
That’s Twitter in the spotlight,
Losing the @ replies

Oh no I’ve @ too much
I haven’t @ enough

Twitter: *decides to change notifications, replies, and every damn thing*
Twitter, when asked about an edit button:

I’m old enough to remember when we sent orphans up chimneys to send our @ replies and ghosts were our retweets.

Quick, no one tell them that Twitter is also killing off the egg.

The Takeaway: Saying “Please don’t @ me” in your bio just got significantly less cool.

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