Jackery Jewel iPhone Charger Apple MFI Certified Lightning Power Cable | RDOTD

  • [Award Winning] Jackery Jewel Cable – Very FIRST Apple MFI Certified 2-in-1 Lightning to USB Charging Cable Integrated with Compact Portable Battery for iPhone, Cable & Charger Together Two-in-One Combo.
  • iF AWARD WINNER Jackery Jewel in the 2016 iPhone category, the prestigious design award validates the unique & elegant very first-of-its-kind design.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION 2-IN-1 COMBO allows Jackery Jewel to either be plugged into your iPhone 7 for up to 20% extra battery power, AirPods Charging Station for up to 55% battery life and iPod Nano 7th for more than one time when you’re on the go, or to be used as Lightning to USB cable to charge from any USB power outlet.
  • POWER BOOSTER This portable battery keeps your iPhone 6S #StayCharged for up to 3 extra hours within only 20 minutes of charging time, tiny yet powerful backup companion for iPhone.
  • JACKERY GUARANTEES the quality of its product with worry-free 18 month product warranty & friendly Team Jackery customer service & tech support. Welcome to #JackeryNation !

Customer Reviews – 4.0 out fo 5 stars

Price: $39.99
Sale: $16.99

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