Turbot LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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  • FULL ANTI-GHOSTING: Each key on this mechanical keyboard is controlled by a separate switch. It ensures that every key registers simultaneously and accurately in game
  • INSTANTANEOUS RESPONSIVENESS: Blue switches are designed for longevity, responsiveness and durability. Each key delivers a distinctive tactile feedback to your fingertips and gives you a feeling of assurance that your command is being executed exactly
  • ERGONOMICS KEYCAPS AND WRIST REST: The ergonomic mechanical keyboard is mold to the shape of your hand, ensures that your fingers are always in the perfect position. Designed with a wrist rest, you can comfortably position your hands
  • MULTIPLE BACKLIT MODES: Support 9 backlighting patterns. The color brightness and changing speed can also be adjusted by shortcuts. Customized backlighting color is available for you depend on your preference
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Double-shot injection molded keycaps ensure that characters will never fade. With the aluminum base and frosted surface design, the backlit gaming keyboard offers both comfortable touch feeling and visual elegance for everyday using

Product description

Exclusive Blue Switches

Designed with blue switches, Turbot gaming keyboards have keys that deliver a distinctive tactile feedback to your fingertips in the form of pronounced taps. The mechanical keyboards give gamers a feeling of assurance that their commands are being executed exactly. As soon as you hit a key, it’ll be executed as a command on the screen. Enemies are downed even before they can react! The durability of each switch is up to 50 million keystrokes. So you can count on perfectly executed commands every time.

Anti-ghosting 104 Keys

Allow multi-keys to work simultaneously. Each key was controlled by an independent switch, ensuring a gaming-grade responsiveness with high speed.

Customizable LED Illumination

Use FN combined with different keys to select and personalize your backlit modes. The backlit mechanical keyboard also give you control of adjusting the color brightness and changing speed to match your preference.

Absolute Comfort

With the ergonomics keycaps design, you can naturally position your fingers. The wrist rest ensure that you are in a comfortable position whether typing or gaming, not easily get fatigue.

Key Cap Puller

With a key cap puller, you can pull your key caps easily when cleaning or changing the key caps.

Perfect Compatibility

The games keyboard is compatible with Windows10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows VISTA.


Every Turbot mechanical gaming keyboard includes a 45 days money back & 18-month worry-free guarantee!


Detailed Review VINE VOICE

Very impressed with Turbots LED Mechanical gaming keyboard. My husband is a avid gamer, we were both extremely excited when out greatly anticipated amazon box arrived with this fantastic keyboard inside! We were both quite pleased when we opened the box, blown away by the quality right off the bat!

Loves that this Turbot keyboard comes with presets for some of his favorite game like League of legends, Overwatch, Project cars, Left for dead 2, Bat man games and even some that he has yet to try! It actually has 10 preset game presets! It has a feature option to customize up to two presets yourself. Your can set your customized presets by pressing FN 9 or 0 then press FN, home then whatever buttons that are needed for your game then you push FN end. There are also 9 different lighting macros setting that are very cool and flashy! Love the green ascent lighting on the top and sides, vibrant but not over the top. They are not adjustable but they do not need to be, they are a nice consistence. Also the brightness for the key lighting can be adjusted very easily dimed or even turned off.

The overall design of Turbots mechanical keyboard is very high quality! So many great features for such a fair price!! Love the blue Mechanical keys for typing! It was designed with blue switch and it has keys that send distinctive tactile feedback to your finger tips in very pronounced tap. It give your such a nice feel when typing, very comfortable! Love the nice thick rubber stopper that prevent them slipping all over while playing! Plug and play works fantastic! Love the hand-rest feature very comfortable especially with the upper keyboard stands which put the keyboard at the opium angle for comfort and quality of use! Love the high cord its a nice consistency not stuff and unmovable its a very nice quality plastic. The letters on this keyboard are large and very easy to read! Which is not always the case with gaming keyboards!

This Turbot mechanical keyboard is very high quality not only in Design but in construction! This key board is very solid and has a great weight to it! They really thought about their customers when creating this keyboard and designed a high quality keyboard that is very budget friendly! Turbots mechanical keyboard layout is the just like a standard layout so you will not have a learning curve or have to get used to a different type of keyboard. If you ever what to change the keys it comes with a bonus tool that makes it simple , the keys are easy to remove with this tool and very easy to put back in! We love this keyboard and highly recommend it for any gamer, this would make a nice standard office keyboard as it is so very nice and comfortable to type on!

**disclaimer** I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review. I base my opinions off the item description and my exsperence with the item. My opinions are my own and I would not rate differently if I purchased at full price. As a mother of two small kids i rely heavily on reviews when buying on-line myself. I know how important and valuable a honest review is!


Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5

Price: $99.99
Sale: $48.99


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