Nokia 9 concept Images with Bezel-less design, Dual-Lens Cam

We shared two anonymous tips about Nokia 9 with you. One claimed to reveal Nokia 9 specs while the second one talked about claimed pricing and release date of Nokia 9.

Now, time for some juicy concept and this one comes from PhoneDesigner. The concept imagines an eye-catching Bezel-less design and Dual-Lens camera at the back. It is very thin at 6.2mm and has a display size of 5.5-inch.

It has two front speakers, 2:1 aspect ratio (5.5inch) and it is just 6.2mm thick. The size is comparable to an iPhone 7 (not the 7s).

Read our full Nokia 9 coverage here. You can enjoy seeing more interesting concepts by clicking here.

Thanks Bhupathiraju for the tip. Cheers!!



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This article and images was originally posted on Source: PhoneDesigner – Jonas Daehnert

by  Nayan




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