Bandai Namco’s Code Vein is a vampire game from the God Eater team

Instead of eating gods, now its time to drink blood.

That artful trailer Bando Namco put out a few days ago is for Code Vein, a vampire-themed, dungeon-exploring action RPG from the guys who made God Eater. Famitsu reports it will be made in Unreal Engine 4, but with no confirmed platforms announced yet, which we’ll likely learn with its official announcement on April 20. The game itself is 35% done and set to release worldwide in 2018

The vampires are called “Revenants” who have supernatural abilities and live in an isolated society called ‘Vein.” Revenants have lost their memories and change into monsters called “Lost” when they face blood deficiency.

Code Vein is meant to very difficult, so much so that they encourage you to play with a “Buddy” (AI) to make it easier. Of course, beating it yourself would be a greater accomplishment.

バンナム新作『コードヴェイン』2018年発売!ゴッドイーター開発陣によるダークソウルライクな探索アクションRPG [Hachima Kikou]


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by Cory Arnold @alex_tetra