Video: Get Ready For Some Retro-Style RPG Goodness In This English Kamiko Trailer

The Western launch of retro-styled action RPG Kamiko is only two days away now. Priced at only £4.49 in the UK and $4.99 in North America, this looks like a winner for fans of Fairune and Fairune 2 on the 3DS Shop.

To celebrate the lovely folks at Flyhigh Works have put together a promotional trailer which they have exclusively shared with us. What’s different this time? Well, it’s in English for starters, which is a big help to this humble scribe.

We have now learnt that Kamiko is a game styled around Japanese Shinto beliefs and that you will fight as priestesses aptly named “Kamiko”. In this retro-style RPG you will battle against demons while solving puzzles to make your way through the various stages.

Video via Flyhigh Works Official Channel

Will you be downloading the reasonably priced Kamiko on Thursday this week? Let us know your thoughts on the trailer with a comment below.


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This article and images was originally posted on Nintendo Life

by Darren Calvert






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