Watch Elon Musk’s TED talk on his grand tunnel plan, self-driving cars and more

Elon Musk, the CEO of at least three companies that we know of, was on stage at the 2017 TED conference in Vancouver last Friday, mostly blowing minds with a demonstration video for his vision of how a network of underground tunnels might ease traffic concerns. Musk talked about The Boring Company in more detail than he ever has before, explaining just how the company he dreamed up while frustrated in LA traffic will ease those frustrations.

Musk also talks about Tesla and its grand plans, including a forthcoming electric semi truck, and what it’ll be like for people to use self-driving cars themselves in around two years. The CEO also talks about his ambitions to go to Mars, and reiterates why he believes this is such an important goal for him and his company SpaceX.

Even with a few tweets, Musk tends to be able to generate a lot of buzz and excite a lot of imaginations. Whatever your thoughts about the practicality of his ideas, Musk combined with the already ruminative TED stage medium is basically non-stop brain bombs.


This article and images was originally posted on [TechCrunch] April 30, 2017 at 11:26PM






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