Buy a Nintendo 64 Mini for less than $64

Having trouble tracking down a Nintendo Mini, or can’t wait for the inevitable Super Nintendo Mini? How about building your own PlayStation Mini? It’s tempting for the bragging rights alone, and some are on sale from $19 plus the cost of the Pi and controller. Just search for “raspberry pi case” on Etsy or Ebay and you’ll find a ton of kits that you can easily assemble yourself. If you have access to a 3D printer you can also download and print your own for free or make a very convincing one out of LEGO bricks. I like this one but there’s a Nintendo 64 kit that really takes the cake.

The idea of an HDMI port directly on an N64 gives me such a nerd boner:

Buy a Nintendo 64 Mini for less than $64 screenshot

Before you jump on this be sure you know what you’re in for. Some require you to buy a Raspberry Pi 3 and configure the emulator yourself, while others will sell you the whole kit prebuilt. Of course, they don’t have the polish of the real thing or satisfaction of indirectly buying Miyamoto a beer for his life’s work, but there are some advantages like larger storage space or not having to endure the shitty short cable that the real one comes with. It’s also a full computer that you can fill with photos of Mario cats. Lifehacker has an excellent tutorial on how to get the job done using RetroPie. You can use any USB controller you already own.


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This article and images was originally posted on destructoid 

By Papa Niero





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