Ed is the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character

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Yesterday the next Street Fighter 5 DLC character has leaked. A listing on the PlayStation Store (via NeoGAF) revealed Ed as the next DLC character for season two of Street Fighter 5, following the release of Akuma and Kolin.Then EventHubs noticed a few official images of the character on the Street Fighter website (now removed).Ed is one of Street Fighter’s lesser-known characters. He appeared in Street Fighter 5’s story as the protégé of Balrog and wielding the same Psycho Power as M. Bison.

But he first appeared in Super Street Fighter 4, as a part of Balrog’s ending. In that game he is a young, nameless Bison clone who survives the destruction of a S.I.N. laboratory. Balrog takes him in.

The new model for Ed suggests he’s older than he appears in Street Fighter 5’s story. This makes sense in the context of the cinematic story A Shadow Falls being set after the individual character background stories, and Ed being a fast-growing clone, as F.A.N.G. suggests.

Street Fighter fans have already suggested Ed looks a bit like Abel from Street Fighter 4. Perhaps he’ll play like a mix of Abel and M. Bison?.. yes


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By Wesley Yin-Poole




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