Tesla Model 3: a new silver release candidate spotted – making it at least 5 prototypes

We can now confirm that there are 5 different Tesla Model 3 release candidate that have been spotted since the launch of the test program in March. There are likely more than 5 vehicles being tested, but 5 different production prototypes have been spotted.

The fifth one, a silver release candidate, was spotted at Tesla’s headquarters today in Palo Alto.

Prior to the release candidate program, the prototype that Tesla was using in official events, a pre-alpha prototype first shown in March 2016, was also silver.

But we can confirm that this one is a new vehicle since it features the several small design iterations seen in recent sightings on release candidates and it has the second generation Autopilot sensor suite – or at least the cameras in the front fenders and B-pillars.

Puppy7505 on /r/Teslamotors posted the picture of the vehicle, which is in good company around 3 Tesla Roadsters, this afternoon:

It’s also the fifth color seen on a release candidate and while it doesn’t mean that it will make it to production, it’s the best indicator we have so far.

Earlier this month, we asked our readers their favorite color seen on Model 3 release candidates so far and out of the ~10,000 people who responded to the poll, 40% went with blue, 37% with white, and only 23% with black.

Last week, a new red Model 3 release candidate was spotted and it took the lead in the poll: Red received 36%, blue 29%, white 19%, and black is still the least popular at 16%.

Let’s try it again, but now we are adding silver since it has now been spotted on a release candidate and not only a pre-alpha prototype.

Here are a few shots of the other colors:

I’m still hoping for the matte black seen on a pre-alpha prototype to make it to a release candidate or production.

Earlier this month, Tesla gave an update on the Model 3 production plan. It confirmed that they are still on track for the production of 5,000 units per week by the end of the year and 10,000 units per week in 2018.

They also confirmed that they received and installed their Schuler press for the Model 3 production line and they think that they will have “sufficient time to install and tune die sets ahead of volume production.”


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