Rumor has it that Microsoft is trying to salvage Scalebound

The trademark has been renewed

If you forgot (or are hearing it for the first time), the Microsoft and Platinum collaboration Scalebound was canceled several months ago. I mean, some of us kind of saw it coming in a way given the Xbox One’s awful performance in Japan, but I was still hopeful that it would happen regardless.

Interestingly enough though this week we’re getting some fuel to add to the fire that is this abandoned project, which might not be dead after all. Microsoft has apparently renewed the trademark this month, and rumors (get out your salt shakers) claim that the teams are working on salvaging the project or reworking it from the ground up without Platinum’s involvement.

Microsoft really needs some more wins with Sony so far ahead (especially with their killer early 2017 lineup, my God, even I barely have time to play them all), so this could be big news if they re-unveil it for the Scorpio at E3.

Or they could just have renewed the trademark for a comic book or something.

Scalebound [Trademarkia via NeoGAF]


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