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AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 4.0 with Waterproof IPX7

I have tested 25 or more bluetooth speakers so far, several of them were meant for outdoors as well, so its safe to say that I have lots to compare this to. The first thing i noticed is that its far heavier than any bluetooth speaker i have ever had. It weighs 22 oz (which is almost 1.4 lb). It does have its advantages though, its also one of the loudest. It comes in a box along with a well written manual, aux cord in case you want to plug it into something, small floating device and a charger cord, standard USB.

The speaker is IPX7 waterproof meaning that its ok in snow, rain, sweat, humidity, shower, splashes of water, it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in up to 1m of water (shallow), so its perfect for use outdoors. The material feels very sturdy, I havent tried running it over with a car like some of the other reviewers but i know for a fact that it will survive dropping on hard ground many times.
Measures approx 8″ long x 3.25″ tall x 2″ thick, the body features the two outputs on the side, 3 light indicators and 7 buttons – power, volume up and down, skip song forward and back, one for Pause/Play and one for taking a call. Power indicator stays lit up green when the unit is on, then there is a low battery light that turns on when you need to recharge and a bluetooth light that flashes blue when the speaker is searching for a connection. All the lights are very small so they wont bother you at night.

When it comes to the sound itself, I am very happy, its very strong and the bass is ok. It is still a small speaker though, obviously you’re not going to achieve a surround type thing, it’s not meant to have a “studio sound”, but its louder that most other small speakers Ive had.
The hardware is well made, durable, doesn’t seem cheap.

– very large and bulky, wont fit in a pocket
– super heavy, heavier than what Im used to even when it comes to large outdoor bluetooth speakers
– no wrist band and no hook for it either, although its a bit too heavy to keep around a wrist anyway, still, cant be hung up
– currently listed at 49.99$

– good and very loud sound
– decent bass
– fully dust proof and IPX7 waterproof
– fast charging (3 hours)
– up to 10 hours play time (at half volume), thats a lot, i have a bunch that can only play about 4-6 hours on full charge
– good quality, sturdy material, wont break if dropped
– fast bluetooth pairing
– easy to operate
– has a button for answering calls
– i like that the volume and skip song buttons are separate, many small speakers combine those and it can get confusing
– very good manual thats easily understandable (unlike so many others that were translated from Chinese)
– can be mounted on a bike or tripod, there is a screw for that on the bottom (doesnt come with an actual mount)
– comes with small inflatable floating pad that you can put it on when you’re in a pool

In conclusion, I think this does do a great job when it comes to sound, its super sturdy as well, but Im keeping it at 4 stars because its so heavy and bulky.

Customer Reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars

Price: $169.99
Deal of the Day: $36.99


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