Gold and silver PlayStation 4s for Europe this month

Yes, Sony is launching new gold and silver PlayStation 4 consoles in Europe.

We thought this would be the case when images of a gold PS4 appeared online last week, originating from US retail store Target.

The European PlayStation blog announced the limited edition console colours and said they’d be joining the PS4 line-up here from 28th June.

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The two colours are available in 500GB PS4 sizes and come with matching DualShock 4 controllers. The gold and silver DualShock 4 controllers can also be bought separately.

Meanwhile, in North America, you can buy gold and silver PS4s in 1TB sizes. Sony is also partnering with major US and Canadian retailers to run a Days of Play campaign, offering discounts on hardware and software starting 9th June. Bastards. And they get a fancy trailer!


This article and images was originally posted on [] June 6, 2017 at 02:35AM

By Robert Purchese





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