Tesla’s Linux kernel update coming next week and new web browser pushed to next month, says Elon Musk

After months of delays, it looks like Tesla is finally about to release some much-awaited software updates – and not only for cars equipped with second generation Autopilot hardware.

CEO Elon Musk updated the timelines for both the Linux kernel update, which has now an ETA for next weekend, while the new and improved web browser has been pushed to next month.

Tesla had been working on updating its operating system with a new Linux kernel in order to improve the overall experience of its user interface.

The update was first associated with a highly needed web browser upgrade and several bug fixes, especially related to the media player like though USB storage.

According to Musk, it was first planned for December 2016, but it has been pushed on several occasions and now the latest ETA is next weekend:

The closer timeline for the new kernel is encouraging since while Tesla hasn’t been great at keeping up with timelines that are announced months in advance, but if they say it’s only a week away, it’s generally gets delivered on time.

As for the new web browser, we will have to wait a while longer.

Those updates should affect all vehicles, not just the ones equipped with second generation Autopilot hardware, which have been the focus for the past 6 months or so.

As we reported last weekend, Tesla started the rollout of a new Autopilot 2.0 update with a new control algorithm for Autosteer and TACC, as well as an upgraded version of automatic emergency braking, automatic perpendicular parking, and automatic display brightness adjustments.

Tesla said that the update was currently only being rolled out at Tesla Fremont factory and vehicles going in for service, but the update is supposed to go over-the-air to the fleet by the end of the week, which Musk reiterated last night.


This article and images was originally posted on [Electrek] June 11, 2017 at 10:32PM

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