Galaxy Note Fan Edition is official, hopefully won’t catch on fire

Refreshed Note 7 lands July 7 in Korea, with a smaller battery.

The months of rumors around what Samsung might do with a glut of unused Galaxy Note 7s following last year’s recall have today culminated in the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition. Effectively a Note 7 with a smaller 3,200mAh battery, the Note 7 FE will go on sale in South Korea on July 7 for 699,600 won, which is around $611 U.S.

Samsung describes the Note FE has an eco-friendly project which makes use of “unused, unopened” Note 7 parts. So these aren’t, strictly speaking, refurbished Note 7s, as was rumored earlier in the year. It’s unclear what will become of the million or so devices which were used and then recalled. One possibility, outside of those devices going straight to landfill, is that “refurbished” Note FE units might appear later.

The new Note is right up to date with the Galaxy S8’s software.

Aside from a safer, non-incendiary battery which has passed Samsung’s eight-step battery testing procedure, the Note FE bears refreshed branding on its outer chassis — an important point of contrast with the explosive model, particularly for air travelers. And it’s right up to date with the latest Android Nougat-based features from the Galaxy S8 — alongside everything you remember from the Note 7’s software last year. (And Bixby, Samsung’s mixed bag of an AI platform, if you care about that.)

There’s also a heart on the box, underscoring Samsung’s effort to push this as a product for fans of the Note series.

Today’s announcement sees the Note FE launching on July 7 in black, coral blue, gold and silver in Korea. Samsung says sales in other countries will be decided at a later date, however the company has already ruled out a U.S. launch for the device.


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