Blockchain can make social networks more private — and profitable for you

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According to The Next Web

Fact: You’re going to spend a total of five years of your life on social media.

Are you going to waste it lost along with all the mindless drivel of memes and fake news? Or will you make sure that you have a voice, and that you will matter?

If you’re like any of the 2.5 billion people out there who use social media, then you probably start your day checking your smartphone or other device for notifications. Yes, we’re all guilty of this, one time or another. We spend more time on social media than actual socializing. Interestingly, Gen Xers spend more time on social media than Millennials, although teens reportedly spend around nine hours of each day connecting with their friends online.

I think many of us fail to realize what kind of impact social apps already have on our lives. Case in point: Don’t you ever wonder why these social networks are able to uncannily and accurately direct advertisements based on your likes and preferences — even if you try to be discreet with your online habits?


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This article and images were originally posted on [The Next Web] August 21, 2017 at 07:47AM

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