Synopsis: Plug-and-Play Photon Source

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Synopsis: Plug-and-Play Photon Source

August 22, 2017

A source of “heralded” single photons comes pre-connected to optical fibers, making it easy to plug into a fiber network.

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N. Montaut et al., Phys. Rev. Applied (2017)

Many quantum applications that make use of single photons entail transmitting the photons through protective optical fibers. Nicola Montaut and colleagues at Paderborn University, Germany, have designed an application-ready source of pairs of single photons that’s easy to connect to a fiber network. One of the photons in the pair can be used to herald the other’s arrival, a feature needed for quantum cryptography schemes.

Photon pairs are usually generated through a process known as parametric down-conversion, in which laser light passing through a nonlinear crystal produces two photons with half the laser frequency. If a fiber is to carry away the photons, it must be precisely aligned with the crystal so that the connection doesn’t destroy the photons’ delicate quantum states.


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