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When an HBUDS representative first reached out to me, I was in no way interested in reviewing their headset. But, my current over ear headphones started to become impractical for all day use, due to their weight and size. So I reconsidered HBUD’S request, especially after looking at how affordable the Hbuds H1 actually are.

Day one: Shipping/receiving and Unboxing

First, I must say the shipping is very fast. I received the headset the next day, maybe because of my amazon prime membership? Or maybe not. Either way, I was very pleased with the quick shipping.

Unboxing this product is very simple and not too many packaging parts to go through:

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Soon after unboxing the Hbuds H1. I switched the ear piece to its memory foam ear tips, which were a lot more comfortable in my ears, and I continued using the headphone all the way until bedtime.

Day two: Usage

The next morning, I put them on almost immediately and noticed how comfortable they fit on my weirdly shaped ears. While doing my early morning routine: watching the news, youtube, and facebook videos on my Google Pixel XL. On a normal volume level (mid ranged) I noticed how loud and great the sound quality is. I purposely removed the headset to hear how quiet it sounds as an outside listener and I heard close to no sound at all. I continued my entire day without removing the headset, as a full day trial run.

During the trial run, on two occasions. I forgot that I had the headset on my ear and another time, around my neck. Toward the end of the day, I still didn’t have to recharge the HBUDS.

Day three:

Continued the trail the following morning, including it in my morning routines. The Hbuds H1 headset had already become my default head set to use. Around noon on the third day of owning the HBUDS, is when the headphone finally gave me the low battery notification. That being said, I’ve been using the headset during day time hours both on stand by and/or actively listening to music for a total of twelve hours. (Not bad, not bad at all) This is when I decided, “this is currently my favorite headset” and bought another pair for my wife.

The Bottom Line: As stated from many other reviewers, that I now totally agree with, after testing out the Hbuds H1:

What all you get is Waterproof headphones, More Music time and Excellent standby time… A simple pouch will allow you to carry the headsets during travel including a small USB micro cable allowing you to connect it to standard charger socket.

Well if you like to explore brands, I would say you can go ahead and give a try to wear Hbuds H1’s.

Not only you will like them, but also save money on its cheap price compared to other similar brands.

Color Options:

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The Hbuds H1 is a better headset than Senso ActivBuds S-250, with more powerful battery, Added memory foam tips, more music play time and surprising 2 weeks of standby time and the price is cheaper!


Price: $169.99
Sale: $32.97

HBUDS (Recommended)

Price: $59.99
Sale: $24.99

SOUND QUALITY: This head set definitely delivers smooth bass, with clear vocals, good balance of mids & highs. even better when using memory Foam Ear Tips. I found it very comfortable for prolonged use, due to comfortable wearing style as well as the smoothness of drivers. At one point I almost forgot that I had them on.

BLUETOOTH: The HBUDS is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, giving you a 33FT (10 METERS) range.
*Connected to my MacBook Air (OSX), Google Pixel XL and Apple iPhone 7.

WATERPROOF / SWEATPROOF PROTECTION: Waterproof or not, I’ve always been against putting a perfectly working device near or in water. I especially did not want to test my pair after it became my new favorite Bluetooth headset.

That being said, there are other opinions of people willing to do this test via Amazon reviews:

RECHARGEABLE: Charges very quickly and after a full two days of continuous usage, I would say 9am to 10pm (on all day) use. I finally had to recharge the headset.

SUPERIOR NOISE CANCELATION: I Absolutely could not hear my surroundings and for that reason, I would recommend not using this headset while driving for safety reasons.

COMFORTABLE: When testing the Hbuds H1 headset. There were more than one occasions when I completely forgot that I had them over my ears or hanging around my neck.
Note: When using the memory foam ear tips.

EASY-TO-CONTROL: You can control the headset with your phone, Googles Assistant/Voice and or SIRI. The head set also has a volume up and down control buttons on them.

What else can you do when you are using Hbuds wireless Bluetooth headphones?

  1. Hiking
  2. Running
  3. Swimming
  4. Doing sauna
  5. Taking exercise in the gym
  6. Working-out
  7. Driving
  8. Doing housework
  9. Listing to your audio books and anything that is Bluetooth compatible.

What’s included in the box??

  • 1X HBUD H1 Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Carrying pouch.JPG

  • 1X Carrying Pouch made of pleather

Ear tips.JPG

  • 3X Sets of Ear Tips – ( Small, Medium, Large ) (Recommend for a rainy day or when you’re at the gym)
  • 2X Sets of Memory Foam Ear Tips – ( Small, Medium ) (Highly Recommended for better sound quality)


  • 1X Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1X Cord Management Clip

Lost your HBUDS manual? No worries, we got it covered!

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Customer reviews 4.9 out of 5 stars

Price: $59.99
Sale: $24.99

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By Brent Bain


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