Echo Dot 2 Battery Pack- Engo Battery base for Echo dot 2nd Generation.

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Sale: $29.99

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  • Engo Portable Battery base customized design for Amazon Echo Dot 2, it work with Echo Dot 2 perfectly and enables your Echo Dot 2nd Generation portable. 10000mAh battery capacity delivers more than 10 hours of use.


  • Improve the connector design, more stable and durable for daily use. Compare to other similar battery packs, our new release Engo battery pack improve both the quality and design. Forget the flimsy connector that other models might have, we test and ensure the connector for more than 500 times plug and pull.


  • Easily and securely attaches to Echo Dot 2 and easy to separate. Light weight design for to easily carry both the Echo Dot 2 and Engo battery base to anywhere. With the Engo external battery pack you can carry the Amazon Alexa echo dot to kitchen, garden, swimming pool and party, etc. The Indicator lights will discreetly let you know how much power is left.


  • Intelligent battery management system allows the user to leave the power adapter plugged in without damaging the battery. The Engo battery pack also come with an additional USB 2.0 Port 5V/2A, you can charge your other USB chargerd devices at the same time. It works as a powerful universal power bank!


  • Recharge the Echo Dot backup battery by using the plug and cable that came with the Echo Dot . By charging your USB charged devices, you also need a compatible charging cable (not include in accessories).


Product Description

Engo Battery base for Echo Dot 2nd Generation 10000mAh External Battery

Allows you to move your Echo Dot to anywhere with ease
Imagine for the next social gathering at your home, being able to move from the living room to the dining room, and then the garden, without interrupting the music playing. Or simply being able to bring your Echo Dot from your bedroom to the kitchen, without interrupting daily flash briefing.

Engo 10000mAh large capacity external battery for Echo Dot

 Engo delivers more than 10 hours play time for your Echo dot under normal use. Never worry about power lost or cable is disconnected, it seamlessly switches to battery without disruption. You can also move the Dot to any room without disruption.

The Engo battery pack also come with an additional USB 2.0 Port 5V/2A

You can charge other USB-charge devices at the same time. It works like a powerful universal power bank! In the surface of the Engo it is featured with a glue and when you put the Echo Dot on, they are combined tightly and there is no worry about separation. It has no impact on the voice recognition for the sound output.


Input Voltage/Current: 5V/2A; Output Voltage/Current: 5A/2A*2PCS ( one for Echo Dot 2 and one for universal USB-charge devices)

Battery Capacity: 10000mAh;

Size: 82*58mm; Weight: 255g; Color: Black

Caution: Please use the original cable and wall charger for Echo Dot. Using 3rd party parts may affect performance.

Light weight and portable

Engo external battery base is incredibly lightweight at 225 grams ( 0.5 lbs). Easily installed and bring the Dot and Engo to any where, even outdoors, just put them together in your bag!


Intelligent battery management system with over charge protection allows the user to leave the power adapter plugged in without damaging the battery. Never worry about over charge or any secure issues.


Improvement design on the connector, more stable and durable compare with other similar models. Engo Battery base also featured a power on/off switch button which other models don’t have. More convenient to power off the Echo Dot without plugging in the charging cord.


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