Thermal Imaging Aims to Give Autonomous Cars Better Night Vision

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According to New on MIT Technology Review


There are many striking differences between a fence post and a human being, but one may prove particularly useful to robotic vehicles: temperature.

At least that’s what established thermal imaging firm FLIR and the Israeli startup Adasky think. Both companies are building new thermal sensors for use in autonomous cars, and believe that the extra data could be used to spot hazards in adverse conditions, particularly humans and animals on or near the road that create far more heat than their surroundings.

Some high-end automakers, including Porsche, BMW, and Audi, have been fitting vehicles with thermal imaging sensors from FLIR for several years. The vehicles use them to alert a driver to the presence of animals or people on the road at night, which may not show up within reach of the car’s headlights. Those sensors offer an image 320 pixels wide by 240 high.

Now, both FLIR and Adasky hope to achieve a similar result in autonomous cars using new sensors that they’re both building.


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This article and images were originally posted on [New on MIT Technology Review] September 11, 2017 at 10:04AM

Credit to Author and New on MIT Technology Review