Playing games for the first time as an adult is harder than you think

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According to Polygon

Gaming subculture is often not inviting to those unfamiliar with the basic framework of the industry.

It isn’t just those who occupy spaces within the layered “gamer” identity that bristle at the novices, but the enterprise itself has grown more focused on those who have made gaming language a central component of their lives. The barriers attributed to gaming involve more than the language, and periodically one notices the class barriers that make gaming culture inaccessible to certain fragments of society.

The games we play, and the products that accompany them, are habitually associated with a specific caricature: that of the young, middle-class enthusiast. It costs money to buy all those systems and games to learn how to play and gain the background knowledge that gaming culture so often demands of its members.

While recent data shows two-thirds of American households play some form of video game, we rarely hear about those who are just now wading into the choppy waters of this increasingly insular subculture, especially when it comes to the amateurs who now find themselves stunted by early financial impediments.

I’m one of those people. At times this experience for new players can be reminiscent of those wanting to join fandoms of certain music groups or a television series only to be viewed as being as a kind of infiltrator, someone to be viewed with suspicion due to not growing up with an extensive knowledge of the source material.

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This article and images were originally posted on [Polygon] September 12, 2017 at 11:09AM

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