121C Boards: The Longboard Crafted From Rockets by Ryan Olliges

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The Mission Continues

Our mission at 121C is to eliminate the carbon fiber scrap problem for the commercial spaceflight industry. They contribute a large portion of the over 10 million pounds of carbon fiber that is landfilled each year. Ever since we started our goal was, and still is, to deliver the coolest and most advanced carbon fiber skateboards, while also doing something good for the environment and our future.

We launched our first board, the Aileron, on Kickstarter in the summer of 2015. It was the first board made entirely from material that was discarded from the production lines of modern spacecraft and rockets. The following year we launched the Rover, a smaller, more portable board, yet super durable.


For both those campaigns the Kickstarter community was amazing, we love you, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you! The comments and feedback we’ve gotten on our boards has been incredible, and the support has helped push us further and take us places we never thought possible.
We get a lot of different suggestions and requests for new boards that we should add to our line-up, and we wish we could make them all, but the one we hear most often is to develop a pure carbon fiber freestyle longboard.
So, after months of design, testing and making improvements, we are proud to introduce the Afterburner.

The Afterburner

The Afterburner is a 38.9 inch, twin-tip longboard with a 28.5 inch wheelbase. It has wheel to wheel camber and drop through mounts for a lower stance and more stable ride with responsive turning.


Drop Through Truck Mounting:

The cutouts in the tip and tail of the Afterburner allow you to mount the trucks to the top of the board, this brings the board lower to the ground and provides a more stable ride.

Wheel to Wheel Camber:

The Afterburner has a .60 inch camber from the truck mounting holes to the center of the board. This camber creates a spring like affect and powers your ride, allowing you to pump and carve from turn to turn.

Aggressive Wheel Flare:

Just inward from the wheel cutouts the deck flares up on the edges. The flare allows you to turn sharper with lower risk for wheel-bite and locks your feet into place while you are initiating slides and turns.

Positioning Cutouts:

These precision cutouts let you easily feel and know the position of your fon the board without having to look down, allowing you to keep your eyes forward and prepare for your next turn or slide.

Functional Concave:

The Afterburner has a molded concave shape to make sure your feet stay locked in while riding yet remain extremely comfortable.

Pure Carbon Quasi-Isotropic Layup:

Both the carbon fiber and the resin system used in the boards is unlike anything else available. It is literally the same material used in the structures of modern rockets and spacecraft as it is upcycled from those production lines. The layup used in this board ensures that there is the necessary amount of lateral and torsional strength.

Flex Levels:

By changing the layup schedule we can tailor the feel and ride of the board for specific weights. We are offering 2 flex levels that can accommodate any rider’s weight and style. Flex 1 (95-195 lbs) is tailored to lighter weight riders or riders who enjoy more pumping and carving. Flex 2 (170-270+ lbs) is for heavier riders or riders looking for more stability at higher speeds.

Load testing machine to ensure durability and characterize each board's flex level
Load testing machine to ensure durability and characterize each board’s flex level
Each one of our boards is put through extreme testing to make sure we only ship the highest quality and properly characterized boards.

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