2017’s Best VPNs for PC Gaming

The massive growth in popularity of online gaming has seen an equal rise in the number of threats to online gamers. From internet service providers collecting and selling browsing data to hacking and identity theft, it has become necessary for gamers to use a VPN for added online privacy and security.

Why You Want a VPN for PC Gaming:

  1. You want to access games that are not in your region
    If you live in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, you can’t play Heavy Rain or Red Dead Redemption. If you live in Iran, you can’t play Pokémon Go, but a VPN allows you to access these games. In order to do this, you need a VPN with servers in locations that have access to these games.
  2. You want to access new games
    For competitive players, starting a game the moment it’s released is crucial, yet sometimes the game is released in other countries before it’s released in yours. For example, connecting to a Japan VPN server from Berlin could let you play a game on MMORPG a couple of hours before its release. A VPN with servers in top gaming countries is the perfect solution to accessing your favorite games.
  3. You are worried about privacy and want a secure connection
    Gaming sites are a hub for hackers. Connecting with a VPN can secure your connection and network, giving you both privacy and security. A VPN also protects against DDoS attacks, especially in competitive gaming where some players use these attacks to undermine opponents.

What are the best VPNs for PC Gaming?

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2 4.9
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3 4.8
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4 4.7
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5 4.7
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Why You Should Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network, also known as a VPN, is a service that encrypts online communication and makes it difficult for ISPs, government agencies and belligerent individuals to track your online activity. A VPN gives you unrestricted access to blocked games. By bypassing servers locked to other regions, you can play any game regardless of your geographic location.

A VPN not only lets you access games in different regions; you can also do so hours before a game is officially released in your countryUsing a VPN is one of the best ways of protecting yourself from DDoS attacks, especially in competitive gaming like League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, Heroes Of The Storm, Overwatch, and World of Aarcraft where some players use these attacks to undermine opponents. Other than this, hackers could also steal your personal information based on your gaming profile and some may go to the extent of stealing your credit card information.

It is not always the case that a VPN connection will put a lag on the responsiveness of your game. Factors such as server coverage, your location, and quality of the VPN service all affect connection speeds and performance. In some cases, a VPN can actually speed up your connection.

A Closer Look at Two of Our Most Recommended VPNs:

  • High encryption and security with a DoubleVPN
  • Based in Panama and does not keep any logs
  • Supports Tor over VPN
  • Connect up to six different devices (great for multiplayer games)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support

Visit their site or see their reviews.

  • Known to have the fastest VPN speeds
  • Has servers in over 90 locations, so you can always connect and play your favorite games
  • Offers high encryption and security
  • Located in the British Virgin Islands where NSA laws are not applicable
  • Does not keep logs
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

Visit their site or see their reviews.

Whatever your gaming needs, a good VPN will help you access them and stay safe while gaming.


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