Swiss Audio – The First Personalized HiFi Wireless Earbuds

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Swiss Audio – The First Personalized Premium HiFi Wireless Earbuds

Swiss Audio Wireless HiFi Earbuds, the first to offer ultimate personalized HiFi sound matching your exact hearing profile.

Our patented Swiss Audio algorithm and equalizer are able to compensate and correct any hearing imperfection in selected frequencies.




Feel the emotion the way the artists intended to, with the most advanced audio technology. Uncover the most beautiful masterpieces of music and experience all the details like never before.



Everybodies ears are unique. With Audiology Experts, we created an Audiology Test as part of the companion app. The Audiology Test takes a few minutes and you create your unique hearing sound profile. It is the ultimate personalization of your Swiss Audio Wireless Hifi Earbuds. Our Swiss Audio algorithm will compensate any hearing imperfections in selected frequencies. You’ll be able to listen to your favorite songs like never before.



Be the maestro of your sound using our fully customizable 7 band equalizer and create your unique sound signature.


Swiss Audio HiFi Premium sound quality has an unique sound signature with powerful basses and crystalline highs. We successfully reached a perfect frequency response by using the best-in-class balanced armature speaker together with high performance electronics.

We’ve been working with professionals in the music industry. They gave us regular feedback on prototypes and helped us to get closer and closer to the ultimate superior sound experience.

A frequency response tailored to the human ear

The frequency response have been designed to match the loudness 
ear sensitivity and the in-ear canal sound sensation.

Precise and Powerful Bass

In order to deliver powerful bass, the balanced armature speaker requires as much air volume as possible. It’s why we choose to maximize 
the ear volume using a vent hole balanced armature.

Medium Frequencies adapted to in-ear canal diffusion

By inserting an earbud in the ear canal, acoustics of the
 human ear are changed and need to be compensated by
 the earbud frequency response. Contrary to dynamic drivers, balanced armature are tailored with such shape in order to have a flat frequency response sensation. The high frequency response is designed to follow the natural ear sensitivity.


There are many ear shapes and sizes. The challenge we faced on the ergonomic side was to find the design that is the best fit for each Swiss Audio customer. We used the mix between the ear physiology theory, hundreds of molded ears prototypes, and the professional experience of our professional audiologist experts. We designed our HiFi Wireless Earbuds to fit securely and comfortably, giving you the unlimited freedom of movement you deserve. The shape and nine soft tips have been designed to fit every type of ear.






Swiss Audio engineered an audio-transparency algorithm to offer you the best active listening system. You can fully configure Audio Transparency to hear the world around you and set the noise volume to fit your needs. Or you can decide to remove all the environment noise to enjoy your ultimate music experience. You switch modes easily with just one click.



Improve your experience by adding personal hearing profile for different environments. Rediscover your favorite songs like never before. Say goodbye to prescribed sound settings built into your headphones and create your own superior sound experience.


Swiss HiFi Earbuds are fully compatible with Siri, Google now and Alexa. Use your preferred personal assistant to check the weather, search an information, text a friend or call your family with just one click.







Take Swiss Audio HiFi Wireless Earbuds where you want with our magnificent luxury charging case and get 48 hours playtime on the go. Charge your earbuds up to 12 times, with fast charge. Each charge corresponds to 4 hours of streaming.



  • Swiss Audio HiFi Earbuds
  • Wooden Charging Case
  • 3 sizes classic EarTips
  • 3 sizes double flange EarTips
  • 3 sizes foam EarTips
  • Micro USB Cable


From the first research steps to the development and design, our products embody Swiss quality thinking and standards. We work on a local basis with Swiss workforce, from the watchmaking and electronics industry to help us design and manufacture fine mechanic and electronic products in an optimal time.




Our R&D team works together with Swiss research laboratories to push the boundaries of audio processing algorithms, ergonomics and wireless technologies.


We use the best components available, all put together in the smallest space, to design our earbuds without compromising on the audio quality. An entire year of work has been needed to our technical team to put together this piece of jewelry. Balanced armature, microphone, antennas, battery, connectors, …, every component has its optimal space.



The initial idea came from the founders with long experience and passion in music recording, music mixing, high-tech and high precision.

Our team gathers experts in multiple domains such as Audio, Musical Instruments, Medical Devices, Watchmaking, New Technologies… The founders have more than 50 years of experience in tech, high end product design and manufacturing.

We combine Swiss precision and audiology technology. Our goal is to achieve the best sound quality wireless earbuds, the most personalized sound experience and the best ergonomic fit.

We are all audiophiles here. Every member of our team participates in the product cycle from conception to fulfillment. We develop the kind of product we would love to have ourselves. Being at the cutting edge of technology, we constantly reinvent ourselves and the way we live with music.



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