BRID the ‘Forever’ NanoTechnology Air Purifier


Elegant, Compact And Versatile
Stunning Italian DesignStunning Italian Design
Elegant, Compact And Versatile

• Why is BRID such a powerful purifier?

BRID uses an exclusive multi patented version of PCO / Photocatalysis technology to literally vaporize: POLLUTANTS, CARBON MONOXIDE, NOx, ODORS, BACTERIA, FORMALDEHYDE, GERMS, MOLD SPORES and much, much more, transforming them into harmless substances. It does so extremely efficiently and with a multitude of technological advantages compared to older and conventional existing PCO products.


  • – BRID uses a powerful cleaning technology called Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). The same technology is used, for example, by NASA.
    BRID is not a mere conventional filter, think of it as a ‘Cold’ furnace that burns pollution, bacteria, odors, etc. and generates vapor and CO2 as a byproduct. It’s as simple as that.


  • – BRID patented innovation does not use UV light, unlike all other PCO purifiers do. The advantage of this patent is the absence of ozone as a byproduct. Only BRID offers this breakthrough technological leap.– BRID does not merely trap pollutantsbacteria, etc. BRID ‘Vaporizes’ them through photocatalysis (PCO), which is an extremely efficient and effective process.


  • – BRID is the only PCO purifier that offers washable filters! It does not require to replace very expensive filters (PCO Filters cost more than $100 each and up to $200) , making it the least costly PCO purifier in the world!


  • – BRID has an exclusive, patented ceramic module which allows nano particles to be ‘Baked’ permanently into the core, preventing them to escape the filter. No other PCO purifier does that.


  • – BRID is the only smart modular PCO purifier on the market


  • – BRID is offered at approx. 50% less than retail price during this campaign. Comparable, less advanced, conventional PCO products cost twice as much, or more than BRID.


  • – BRID is designed in Italy, it’s compact and a powerful high tech air cleaner


  • -BRID exclusive patents:
    WO2006061367 – Process for preparing dispersions of tio2 in the form of nanoparticles, and dispersions obtainable with this process and functionalization of surfaces by application of tio2 dispersions – WO2007088151 – Method for the preparation of aqueous dispersions of tio2 in the form of nanoparticles, and dispersions obtainable with this method – WO2012085950 – Device for reducing pollutants in a gas mixture – (IT) 102017000050577 (Approved as of Sep. 2017)

 MORE IN DETAIL – How does BRID work?

BRID’s high tech Nano Ceramic Honeycomb Filter uses Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), which has been modified (Trade secret) in order to work with LED visible light. TiO2, through a well known and a scientifically well documented process (PCO), purifies the air, and that’s where BRID truly excels compared to literally any other purifier, making good use of several patented technological breakthroughs and without generating toxic Ozone, like others do. BRID is also the only purifier using ceramic filters where TiO2 is “Baked” into the filter, so nano particles never escape into the environment. The baking process also guarantees the virtually unlimited life of BRID’s amazing ceramic honeycomb filter. Other, less advanced PCO purifiers have to necessarily replace their filters from time to time, just like inkjet printers, substantially increasing ownership costs. These filters are typically very expensive to replace, while BRID runs without the need to replace filters!

Fits Beautifully In Every Enviroment Thanks To 5 Different Color Combinations
Fits Beautifully In Every Enviroment Thanks To 5 Different Color Combinations

• BRID uses exclusive and unique patented nano technology, what are the differences compared to other purifiers?

BRID is the result of over 13 years of development. BRID is the only commercial purifier that uses a Nano Ceramic Core Filter and LED visible light, hence the only photocatalytic high tech purifier that does not generate harmful ozone! While other PCO purifiers mainly use the same outdated Technology (With UV light) necessarily generating unwanted ozone.

• BRID, unlike other purifiers does not need to replace the filters, why?

Our patented Nano Ceramic Filter only need rinsing with water, other purifiers need very expensive regular replacement filters.

• BRID, is cheaper than other nano technology purifiers, why?

BRID is being sold directly, without intermediates and uses the patented technology exclusively and is being offered to the consumer market for the very first time. Since the Nano Ceramic Filters do not need to be replaced, BRID drastically reduces costs to consumers overtime.

• BRID DOES NOT produce OZONE, how? 

BRID uses an exclusive patented process that reacts to LED visible light and modified TiO2 in order to clean the air. BRID’s technology DOES NOT produce ozone, which is the byproduct of virtually every Photocatalytic purifier that uses UV lights, which produces ozone.

Media Talking About BRID AIR PURIFIER
Media Talking About BRID AIR PURIFIER


Clever Italian Engineering
Clever Italian Engineering 

BRID’s Core Element: Nano Ceramic Filter

The unique and ingeniously designed honeycomb structure, covered by 4 patents and its porous ceramic surface, treated with our modified TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide), is obtained through a meticulously calibrated heat treatment and then modified (doped) with a gas (Patent pending process).

LED Board

84 high quality cool white LEDs, arranged in 6 rows, light each ceramic filter from the top and bottom, starting the Clean Photocatalysis reaction WITHOUT generating any ozone. LED lights have a guaranteed life of several years, longer than conventional UV lights. BRID’s innovative modular Italian design allows for single elements to be replaced without any technical knowledge. We designed BRID thinking about end users.

The Fan

A super silent, 42 Db, white noise and low consumption fan (air flow of 7.600 Ft³ – 215 m³/h) pulls in the polluted air at 360˚. Quiet library -> 40 Db Normal Conversation -> 60 Db Vacuum Cleaner -> 74 Db

NWF Filter

A NWF (Non woven Fabric) filter at the bottom of the base blocks large particles like pollen, dander and dust. The prototype uses an inexpensive pre-filter, but the final production version will be equipped with a washable pre-filter, just like the nano ceramic filter, therefore you will not need to purchase additional consumables.

Works Worldwide (110 / 220 volts)

BRID’s power supply works worldwide (110 / 220 v.) and an accessory will allow you to use it even in your car (24 v.), making it a the perfect companion for commuting in heavy traffic or polluted cities.

BRID Air Is An Amazingly Powerful Nanotechnology Purifier
BRID Air Is An Amazingly Powerful Nanotechnology Purifier

BRID is Car Friendly

If you are a daily commuter. let’s say in the highly polluted Los Angeles, or if you are forced to long frequent rides with your car, you know the struggle: exposure to toxic air is often far higher inside your car rather than outside.

Americans spend almost 300 hours driving each year
Americans spend almost 300 hours driving each year

Whether you want it to merge with the rest of the room or make it the centerpiece,

BRID’s clean lines allow it to fit in with any interior design.

Five Stunning Color Combinations

Pure metal, Clear White & Oak Base, Deep Blue & Oak Base, Solid Pure White or Solid Deep Blue

The refined aircraft grade aluminum body with a sleek matte finish makes BRID the perfect accessory for any room in your house. Choose from the more modern pure metal version or add a touch of sophistication with the real oak base. Whatever your style is, there is a BRID to match it.

BRID's main component
BRID’s main component

The unique modular configuration lets BRID adapt to your needs and by simply adding a second power filter module (BRID XL) or a third power filter module (BRID XXL), it can speed up the cleaning process or deal with larger environments. Its ground breaking technology makes BRID the best solution when it comes to eliminating indoor pollution.

Once BRID has cleaned the entire room, it automatically adjusts to maintain the air pure and fresh and intervenes when the environment is once more altered by external causes.

BRID Can Be As Powerful As You Need

Less Waste & Future Upgrades

BRID’s distinctive configuration allows future upgrades to be easily implementable and inexpensive. We plant to develop BRID and we don’t want you to throw away perfectly functioning components. Using this approach, we placed the hardware in the base making it is less likely to become outdated. The base is the only module you’ll have to replace when future versions of BRID are available.

The working heart of the C.PC. (Clean Photocatalysis / PCO) technology is the revolutionary honeycomb-shaped ceramic filter. The Nanotechnology engineered ceramic filter is made of porous ceramic surface meticulously designed utilizing the latest technologies to create a designed nano structured filter, making it extremely effective, durable and 100% safe

The Revolutionionary Patented Nano Ceramic Module
The Revolutionionary Patented Nano Ceramic Module

Easy maintenance, no need to replace messy and expensive filters!

To make the ceramic filter good as new, just rinse it under tap water, let it dry and put it back in. There’s never been such a complete and user friendly air-purifier.

Clean BRID's Filter In Seconds! No Expensive Replacements Necessary
Clean BRID’s Filter In Seconds! No Expensive Replacements Necessary

So, what’s photocatalysis?

Photocatalysis is a reaction which uses light to increase the rate of a chemical reaction.

BRID’s active ceramic element, which is permanently bound with our modified nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), absorbs radiation from our precisely calibrated LED board, producing free radicals. They then attack pollutant molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds and turning them into harmless substances.

BRID was developed in conjunction with CE.RI.COL (Colorobbia Consulting research Center), a research lab specialized in innovative environmental research, a spin off of Colorobbia, a worldwide leader in the ceramic business. Prof. Giovanni Baldi holds over 25 Patents, and many of them relate to NanoTechnology.

the brain behind BRID and owner of over 25 Patents
the brain behind BRID and owner of over 25 Patents

Tests have shown when used indoors, over 90% of the VOCs (volatile organic compounds), outdoor pollution, odors and bacteria that are commonly found in homes and offices are removed.

Technologies compared: BRID vs conventional consumer Air Purifiers

BRID IS THE ONLY HIGHLY EFFICIENT PURIFIER THAT IS TRULY OZONE FREE. All other known commercial purifiers use different spectrums of UV light, which are scientifically known to produce different degrees of toxic ozone. When others claim to be ozone free, their refer to “Acceptable”, as their UV Light will produce it. The only way to not produce toxic Ozone is to use visible light, like BRID uniquely does.

01— Blending In 

Place BRID wherever you like. With its sleek design it blends in perfectly no matter where you put it. Plug it in and begin to enjoy its patented Clean Photocatalysis technology purifying the air.

02— Pulling In

The air’s journey begins as BRID’s silent fan channels the air through its first phase: an NWF (non-woven fabric) filter. This filter begins the purification process by blocking the larger particles such as pollen, dander and dust. Now half of the air is refreshingly clean.

03— Pushing Through

Now the air passes through its second filter and our Clean Photocatalysis technology is implemented. The ceramic filter is activated by 84 visible LED lights.

04— Breaking Down

Our modified Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), presented in our ceramic filter, absorbs radiation from our precisely calibrated LED board, producing free radicals. They then attack pollutant molecules, breaking apart their chemical bonds and turning them into harmless substances.

05— That’s it

BRID is now taking care of your environment. In a matter of minutes, the air in your room will be cleaner and free of bacteria and nasty odors.

06— Need more?

Have a bigger room? Add more power filter modules with ease and begin to notice the difference fresh air can make. Need to clean your filter? It’s easier than you think, with no tools required for adding or removing ceramic filters. Simply pass your filters under running water.

BRID's LAB TEST RESULTS (Explained Below)
BRID’s LAB TEST RESULTS (Explained Below)

BRID drastically reduces Formaldehyde!

Formaldehyde is an organic chemical that is commonly found in our environment. Formaldehyde is present in products such as chemicals, particle board, household products, glues, permanent press fabrics, paper product coatings, fiberboard and plywood. It is also widely used as an industrial fungicide, germicide, and disinfectant. It is a sensitizing agent that can cause an immune system response upon initial exposure. It is also a suspected human carcinogen that is linked to nasal cancer and lung cancer.

BRID’s effect on formaldehyde was tested with a single activated filter in lab conditions. The results have show a 82,7% Formaldehyde depletion in one cycle.

Formaldehyde depletion in one cycle.
Formaldehyde depletion in one cycle.

NOx reduction Certification

BRID was tested and certified by our exclusive partner CE.RI.COL (Colorobbia Consulting research Center), member of Colorobbia Group in Florence, Italy.

Ce.Ri.Col (Colorobbia Consulting research Center) plays a major role in the continuous research of the synthesis of nanoparticles, which has been a part of the world of ceramics for over a century, but has also always conducted research and analysis of chemicals, outdoors.

Actual BRID Lab Test Result

The test was carried out by placing BRID, BRID XL and BRID XXL in a (35 ft³ / 1 m³) computer monitored test box and polluting the air inside with a controlled amount of Pollutants (NOx) at a 100 ppb concentration, above the legal limit.

The measurement was taken using chemiluminescence technology with the Thermo Model 42i, at a sampling interval of 10 s for 90 minutes. The graph above shows the rate at which the pollution was reduced for all three configurations of the product.


Carbon Monoxide reduction Certification

BRID’s effect on Carbon Monoxide was tested and evaluated by the independent lab Micro-B srl.

A BRID XXL with three power modules was placed in a 17 ft³ / 0.5 m³ test box that was filled with Carbon Monoxide using a gasoline-powered automobile. Our laboratory used a Carbon Monoxide measurement device with a 1ppm resolution, collecting data every 10 minutes for the first 4 hours, and every 20 minutes for the remaining 11 hours.

The concentration of Carbon Monoxide decreased at an exponential rate reducing it by half in approximately 3 hours, showing that a continued use of BRID does indeed lessen the threat of Carbon Monoxide gas in indoor environments, adding precious minutes in case of emergencies.

Actual BRID Lab Test Result
Actual BRID Lab Test Result


We use a G4 non-woven fabric pre-filter that blocks pollen, dust, dander and particulate matter as small as 0.5 µm. This filter should be a washable filter in the final version, making it totally inexpensive.

Actual BRID Lab Test Result
Actual BRID Lab Test Result


In this quick brand new video you can see how BRID Air Purifier vaporizes toxic VOC. The real life experiment was done in the 3D printer room, which has a normal level of 1200ppm. BRID was let run for a few hours, lowering that level to 600ppm. At this point BRID was turned off and resin containers were opened for a while, then closed. The room reached a VOC level of 2300ppm. After settling, BRID was turned on again, bringing VOC levels impressively down to 600ppm again.

Watch the quick timelapse video below 

Find out what easily-adaptable BRID setup works best for your space. Cleaner and healthier air is only a few clicks away.

BRID targets all bacteria, without toughening the strongest ones, which is what usually occurs. By lowering the level of harmful impurities you, your loved ones and those around you are guaranteed a clean and healthy environment that won’t weaken your immune system.

BRID can adapt to different environments thanks to its modular configuration that guarantees extra cleaning power where you need it.

In Auto mode BRID takes action only when it’s needed and how it’s needed

The Night Mode lets BRID continue to work quietly in the background, making it ideal for sleeping. Take advantage of this mode when you want to dim down the lights while still keeping the air you breath clean and refreshing.

For an extra power, you can set BRID on Boost Mode and speed up the fan.

By putting two BRID units in the same room, the reduction of indoor pollution happens at an exponential rate.

Data refer to NOx reduction - Actual BRID Lab Test Result
Data refer to NOx reduction – Actual BRID Lab Test Result

Two BRID XXL, in a 4,000 ft3 / 120 m3 room, can clean 90% of the air in three hours and a half, compared to the thirty-two hours needed for one BRID XXL.

Stay connected and know exactly what’s going on with your air. BRID’s app offers a variety of easy to understand statistics and information keeping you informed about your air.

Wifi Connection:  BRID and your smartphone stay connected via wi-fi.

Statistics & Air Quality Monitor:  Get regular up to the minute information regarding the air you breath.

Filter:  Receive regular alerts for ceramic filter cleaning and NWF filter replacements.

Night / Boost mode:  Enable the mode you prefer with one tap.


This article and images were originally posted on [Indiegogo] September 26, 2017 at 06:45PM

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