CorSense: Optimize health and fitness without 24/7 wearables by Elite HRV

CorSense accurately and conveniently measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV), one of the most powerful biomarkers in use today.

You used to need expensive and complicated cardiac equipment to measure HRV, but not anymore.

You can use HRV to optimize physical performance, overall health, stress management, biological age, and tackle other life goals.

Built on decades of research and powered by intelligent algorithms, CorSense gives you a deeper understanding of your body and mind in just 2 minutes a day. No need to replace your favorite wrist watch or wear an extra device all day or night.


Measuring HRV used to be expensive and inconvenient – limiting its use mainly to specialty clinics or big budget sports teams.

Now, capturing accurate HRV is simple:

No chest straps, adhesives, 24/7 wearables, or expensive equipment required!

We designed CorSense from the ground up to capture accurate HRV, so the benefits of HRV would be more accessible and convenient.






Unfortunately many wrist wearables and smartwatches are not good at tracking accurate HRV. By contrast, CorSense is comparable in accuracy to a 5-lead EKG/ECG for HRV and pulse waveform, using multiple different LEDs, onboard algorithms and filters, fast sampling rates and physiologically optimized sensors.




We also designed CorSense to be a completely open platform. This means:

1) Raw data collected by CorSense is available for export/download; and

2) CorSense works with any open HRV app that offers Bluetooth connectivity – right out of the box.

However, for the full experience, we recommend using CorSense with the Elite HRV app.


With 150,000 users from around the world, our app has been rated 4.5/5 stars on both Android and Apple.

Our users are health-seekers, doctors, wellness practitioners, coaches, athletes, sports teams, and researchers.


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