Olly – The First Home Robot with Personality




Olly’s unique AI system and character engine give it the capability to express and react to emotions. The more Olly learns and understands your personal traits and moods, the better it will adapt to you. Over time, your interaction gives Olly a unique personality.


Megan, would you like some jazz while you read?


The more you interact, the more Olly recognises your habits and your routines – helping it to become more proactive in its recommendations and support.



  Emotional Character Engine

Olly understands your facial expressions, vocal intonations, and verbal patterns. So whether you are happy or sad, Olly sees it and hears it.  This understanding allows Olly to move and talk to you in an unprecedented way.


  Vision-enhanced Natural Voice Interaction

Olly interacts with people in a more natural way similar to how a person might. Olly does not only hear, but it can also see. Olly will proactively start a conversation rather than just reacting to a command.


 Multimodal User-recognition

Olly recognises people through visual and audio detection/by voice and by image. The two combined techniques work together to improve recognition rates. This is the foundation of Olly’s proactivity.

Don’t forget to bring your umbrella.

  Action/activity Recognition & Forecasting

Olly not only recognises what you’re doing, but can also learn the intention behind it. Subsequently, Olly is able to anticipate situations and offer helpful suggestions.

  Scene Understanding & Vision-augmented Beam-forming

Hearing you clearly across the room is important. Olly therefore uses vision to enhance its beamforming microphone array technology. Olly scans and analyses the surrounding environment to identify the room type and any potential obstacles between itself and you, so it can focus on you better.


  Expressive Visual Interaction System

Olly communicates with you using a custom built circular LED display with a design language that is as visually unique as every Olly, yet understandable due to its shared core patterns.




A ground-breaking AI engine allows Olly to develop different personalities that complement each individual user, connecting with them on a highly customised level.

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This article and images were originally posted on [Indiegogo Blog] September 26, 2017 at 06:45PM

Credit to Author and Indiegogo Blog





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