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Gocycle exists to show that you can re-invent the bicycle, and with
our no-compromise approach to design, we produce the most thoughtfully engineered electric bikes on the planet. We intend to define and lead the premium segment of the North American and European urban commuting and recreational electric bicycle market.

Gocycle takes a no-compromises approach to putting the best electric bike in the world directly into the hands of consumers. Inspired by F1 high-performance and automotive design, the award winning Gocycle has been developed as the ultimate personal urban transportation solution building on the practicality of a proven electric two-wheeler platform but with a thoughtfully engineered, clean-sheet design. The result is a high-quality product with cutting-edge visual impact and a compelling consumer value proposition to appeal to design-conscious urban dwellers.

We’re living in the midst of a transformative change in the way the world thinks about transportation.

There are three primary forces behind the shift:

In the search for sustainable, city-friendly transportation alternatives, the world need look no further than the electric bike, or e-bike.  

Low in cost relative to cars, with no licensing required, and able to take advantage of existing bicycling infrastructure, e-bikes are a smart, sustainable, and practical option for an urban consumer population that increasingly prioritizes sustainability,
ease of use, and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Karbon Kinetics Limited (KKL) was founded in 2002 with a singular mission:
to develop the best electric bikes in the world.

That vision became a reality in 2009 when, after an extensive and in-depth product development process, we introduced our multi-award winning breakthrough product, Gocycle, to the public. Lightest in class, environmentally sustainable and stylish with on-demand electric power, Gocycle is an automotive joy to live with.

What defines our no-compromise approach to electric bicycle design? 

Designed to fit you
From seat height to handlebar positioning, Gocycle adjusts easily to provide superior comfort levels for a wide range of body types.

Clean and easy to live with
No cables, no chains, no gears, sprockets, or oil – no mess. Our streamlined chassis and PitstopWheels® make cleaning Gocycle fast and easy.

Integrated accessories for the urban dweller
Our clean sheet design approach extends to a full range of cool and practical accessories thoughtfully engineered to work seamlessly with your Gocycle.

Agile and easy to handle
Gocycle’s low center of gravity makes the bike
agile and responsive to ride, and easy to
lift and maneuver at home.

Versatile, light and compact
Lightweight and stowable, Gocycle packs away perfectly for transit or storage where space is tight, making it perfect for urban living.

Easy on the planet
Gocycle’s high-tech, durable, ultra-lightweight magnesium frame and wheels are made using an environmentally friendly process called Thixomolding(R), which does not produce any ozone depleting SF6 emissions.

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