Tesla unveils new dual connector charge port design for Model S and Model X

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Tesla unveiled today an updated Model S and Model X design featuring a new dual connector charge port system to support more than one charging standard on its electric vehicles.

Currently, the charge port on all Tesla vehicles is located within the tail light on the driver’s side, but the actual connectors are different depending on the market.

In the US and Canada, it features Tesla’s own proprietary connector and in Europe, the company uses the standard Mennekes plug.

In China, Tesla was using the same charging system as the one it uses in Europe until now.

As the electric vehicle industry is maturing, automakers and charging network operators are trying to work together on open charging standards while adapting to specific requirements in different markets.

Tesla’s new dual connector charge port design appears to be the company’s solution to navigate those markets starting with China.

The Chinese government developed its own charging standard ‘GB’ and now Tesla has the standard built into its cars:

In order to fit both connectors, Tesla had to move the charge port from the backlight (top right in the right picture), which makes it looks more like a gas tank access design than what Tesla was aiming for with its original design.

Here’s what it looks like on Model X and Model X with the port close:


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This article and images were originally posted on [Electrek] October 16, 2017 at 06:35AM

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