This Light Bulb Confuses Smartphone Cameras To Protect Your Privacy

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When is the last time you were in a locker room, changing, when someone pulled out his phone? Probably yesterday. Of course there’s a sign saying not to, but it’s almost unavoidable. Cameras have become an omnipresent threat to privacy in the age of smartphones. Wherever there’s communication, there’s also the potential for surveillance.

But now, University of California, San Diego, researchers have figured out a solution to block cameras in locker rooms, live theater performances, and any other artificially lit environment. It’s called LiShield. Featured on IEEE Spectrum, it’s a smart LED light that can make a room glow for the human eye, but flicker in a distorting light pattern at high frequencies beyond our vision. While this distortion is imperceptible to people, it confounds the greater visual acuity inside cameras, convincing their shutters to over- and underexpose the picture frame simultaneously. The effect manifests as a zebra pattern that can even distort color.

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This article and images were originally posted on [Co.Design] October 23, 2017 at 07:32AM

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