Facebook denies eavesdropping on you through your phone’s mic to target ads

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According to The Next Web


There’s been talk for at least a couple of years about whether Facebook ‘listens’ to your conversations and anything you say out loud through your phone to learn what you’re interested in and then bring relevant ads to your feed. While it seems all too plausible at this point, the company denied that it has ever done so, over the weekend.

Responding to a tweet from the Reply All podcast’s host PJ Vogt, the social network’s vice president of ads, Rob Goldman, rubbished the claims:

For those out of the loop: it’s commonly believed that Facebook uses your phone’s mic to eavesdrop on your conversations and delivers ads for things you think you’ve never searched for or typed into your devices before (let’s take ‘cat food’ as an example); it’s therefore surmised that the only way Facebook could’ve known that it should start showing you ads for ‘cat food’ is by listening to what you’ve been saying out loud around your phone. Here’s a YouTuber testing this notion from a year ago (with update notes in the comments):


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This article and images were originally posted on [The Next Web] October 30, 2017 at 03:11AM

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