Tesla Supercharger stays online in power outage thanks to Powerpack system

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According to Electrek

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprised some with the announcement that the company plans to add Powerpacks to its Supercharger network and to eventually bring off-grid ‘almost all’ of the charging stations on the network.

Now we learn that Tesla started adding Powerpacks to some Superchargers and it already started to prove quite useful.

Tesla has a Supercharger station in South Mimms near London in the UK.

Like other Tesla Superchargers in the region, it is located at the ‘Welcome Break Services’ where there’s also a petrol station, an Ecotricity charging station, and other amenities.

Waseem Mirza was at the Supercharger station with a Model X last week when a power outage shut down the entire service area.

People had to evacuate since they couldn’t use the amenities. He shared images of the situation live on Twitter:

Mirza realized that surprisingly only the Supercharger still had power in the area:

Tesla confirmed that the Supercharger station stayed online because it is connected to a Powerpack battery system.

It is among the first few stations to be equipped with the system, but the primary use is actually not to serve as backup power – although it has proved useful in this case here.

Instead, the automaker is using the energy storage capacity to reduce the peak power demand at the station when several cars are charging at once. They say that it enabled them to grow the station from 2 to 12 Supercharger bays last year.

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This article and images were originally posted on [Electrek] October 30, 2017 at 05:30AM

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