This neural network aims to give your smartphone photos DSLR-like quality

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According to Android Authority

Developments in AI and neural networks have serious implications for photography. It’s through deep learning that we can achieve things like improving photos before they’ve even been taken or creating realistic-looking fake celebrities. Thanks to a new report (via Engadget), we’ve gotten a look at an exciting new neural network that’s designed to upscale your smartphone photos to DSLR-quality.

Scientists from the Computer Vision Lab at ETH Zürich university have developed the new tool which uses deep learning to automatically improve photos. Using a database of high-quality images as a reference point, the neural network can make adjustments to smartphone photos, bringing them closer to what a DSLR camera would provide.

Of course, this isn’t really applying any kind of DSLR tech to a smartphone, it’s simply trying to mimic the properties visible in DSLR photos on non-DSLR images. But it’s nonetheless interesting: see the original image on top of the collage below (and right in the image above) with the same photo after processing underneath.

At the moment, the images look more like what you might expect from something like the Google Photos “auto-enhance” feature than from a DSLR camera (notice how the exposure on the left image at the top of the page is completely overblown), but the team is aiming to build on this in the future. Apparently, automatic correction for certain shooting conditions, like making an overcast day appear brighter, is in the works.


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This article and images were originally posted on [Android Authority] October 30, 2017 at 10:11AM

Credit to Author and Android Authority