SNES Classic hits 2 million sales, production will continue

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According to destructoid

That’s a lot of people playing Super Punch-Out!!

New figures from Nintendo show that the much sought-after SNES Classic sold two million units worldwide thus far. Nintendo plans to continue shipping the system “moving forward”.

In a statement made by Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima said that Nintendo were hoping the SNES Classic would get gamers of yesterday back into the hobby, leading to them looking at purchasing Nintendo’s other products, such as the Switch.

In the same fiscal report, Kimishima also reiterated Nintendo’s plan to re-manufacture the NES Classic in 2018. The console, which sold 2.3 million global units and was notoriously difficult to get hold of, is expected to return to store shelves in the Summer.

Six Months Financial Briefing [Nintendo]


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