Survive Turn By Turn In Gothic Strategy Game Alder’s Blood

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Amid graveyards and decrepit hamlet alleys, skillful hunters brave the oppressive darkness in search of monsters. Very much inspired by Bloodborne and XCOM, Alder’s Blood presents a bloody hand-drawn world of lurking beasts and well-armed warriors, engaging, not in fast-paced combat, but turn-based skirmishes where only precise planning can save you and fear will lead to a brutal and certain death.

Across a world map of villages, cemeteries, and shadowy woods, Alder’s Blood pits your party of master hunters against the ravenous beasts that threaten man. Summoned by peasants, you must prepare, carefully traverse, and then battle; however, the looming fear of RNG and missed attacks is not present here. Developer Shockwork Games wants every turn and tactic to be one of cautious certainty. A point-blank shot will definitely hit your target; deciding when to attack, when to stay hidden in shadows, and how to synergize your party’s skills are the tactical decisions you need to consider.

Yet even the best hunters, with the best weapons and skills, can be destroyed if they’re reckless. Fear is the enemy, literally in Alder’s Blood; every hunter produces a scent when fearful, a scent that can carry on the wind, and draw enemies to your location before you’re ready to fight. Watch the direction of the wind on the battlefield to stay hidden until you’re ready to unleash your ambush.

Outside of combat, you’ll be able to scout unknown terrain for NPCs and villages, experiment on captured prey to better understand your enemy, and upgrade your hunters’ equipment and skills.

Alder’s Blood is currently in development for PC, and you can follow its progress through the game’s site, TIGForum devlog, and Twitter page.


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This article and images were originally posted on [IndieGames] October 31, 2017 at 10:48AM

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