Honeywell Smart Home Security System

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Introducing a Smarter Way to Know What’s Happening at Home

We’ve been in the security business a long time. And as technology connects our lives and homes in new ways, we’ve been asking ourselves if there’s a smarter way to know more.

“What are new ways I can keep in touch with my family when I’m not home?”

“What are smarter ways to control home when I am there?”

“Can my home respond to me so I don’t have to micromanage all the details?”

Some of our most creative folks have been asking those questions, and to be honest, we’re pretty excited about the answers they’ve come up with. We hope you will be too.

A System that Grows with Your Needs

To get started, you can simply order the Camera Base Station. You can also add accessories if you wish, or order the Starter Kit. The Starter Kit includes the Camera Base Station, two Access Sensors for doors and windows, and a Key Fob. And you can add more sensors any time.

But that’s just the beginning. We’ll upgrade the software to integrate devices from Honeywell and other ecosystems, like Amazon, Google, IFTTT, and Apple HomeKit™, and we’ll even offer a variety of optional services so that your home keeps getting smarter all the time.


Why Indiegogo for a Honeywell Launch?

At Honeywell, we know the connection to our customers is the real power behind our technology. That’s why we’ve chosen to debut our Smart Home Security System on Indiegogo. It means we can communicate with you directly, listening and learning so we can make a better product for everyone.

We want to continue adding helpful features to our system for years to come. That’s why we’re not just looking for customers – we’re seeking collaborators. More than owning the latest in connected technology, your feedback will play a key role in deciding the system’s future functionality.


Can’t tell drywall from a firewall? No problem. Our system is simple to setup and install yourself – no complicated wiring. All the accessories are powered by batteries, so leave the tools in the shed – connecting and monitoring your home is a snap.

We all want to know our loved ones are safe if they’re home alone. With facial recognition*, your system can tell you when your kids get home or alert you if someone’s in the house it doesn’t know. It can also alert you to unusual sounds, like a smoke alarm or a crying baby*.

*Functionality expected in 2018. Not available in Illinois or where otherwise prohibited by law.

Communication doesn’t get much easier than voice. So just say “OK Security, I’m leaving,” and your system will switch to “away” mode. The Camera Base Station processes security commands itself to ensure secure operation even if Internet access is down.

We wanted your whole home to be that easy, so we also worked with Amazon to integrate Alexa right into the Camera Base Station, with three microphones and an omnidirectional speaker. You can ask questions, play music*, check the weather – just like any Alexa device.

*Amazon music services planned in 2018.

One of our core beliefs:  A smart home should be easy to manage from one system. That’s why we’ve got big plans for software upgrades that will keep adding to what you can do.

For launch, we’re excited about all the things you can do with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Z-Wave Plus*. For instance, Z-Wave Plus will let you control compatible lights, and it’s part of how your system can create the sounds and lights of a busy home to deter intruders.

*Functionality expected in 2018.

We’re also planning services as another way to make your home smarter. For example, your system comes with 72 hours of free cloud storage to save video alerts, and if you need more time, you can extend it with StoragePlus. Just sign up in the app. And we’ve got many more services to come.

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