Pictek Small Binoculars 8×21 Optical Telescope Compact Binoculars

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Pictek Small Binoculars

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Price: $11.99

【Mystery 8×21】red membrane optics binoculars provide you a longer distant and more distinct vision!
【Fully coated optics】better brightness and sharp clear optical performance at an unbelievable value.
【Compact & light-weight】deal for birding, walking, climbing, boating, travel, as well as other outdoor recreations.
【Comes with a free clean cloth and a carry case】give your binoculars a better protection.
【Specification】8X Magnification; 22mm Objective Lens Diameter; 126m/1000m Line Field; 15mm Eyepiece Diameter.

Product description

Style:Small Binoculars

This is a new 8×21 Optics binoculars Telescope with clear definition, which can look much longer distance and more distinct; Rubber is armored for use in rugged field, it is suitable for Golf, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Birdwatching, Concerts, etc. You will love it! Buy it today! You can’t miss it!

Condition: 100% quality and Brand new
Magnification: 8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 21mm
Line Field: 126m/1000m
Eyepiece Diameter: 15mm
View Field: 7.2°
Color: Black
Fold size: 9cm x 6cm x 4cm
Open size: 9cm x 10cm x 4cm
Weight: 242g (with packing)

What is included:
1x Red Membrane Binoculars Telescope
1 x Clean Cloth
1 x Carry Case



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