Destiny 2 is discounted in Blizzard’s Black Friday sale

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Blizzard’s Black Friday sale on is a lot like Blizzard itself: There’s not a whole lot in the way of variety, but what they’ve got is really good.

Destiny 2 is probably the biggest deal on tap. The standard edition is on for $40, while the version with the expansion pass bundled in is $68, and the digital deluxe is $75. But you can actually do a little better on the standard release at Green Man Gaming, which has it on for $36. (GMG’s Digital Deluxe pricing comes in higher, though, so you’ll want to stick with if you’re after the big package.)

If your interests lean toward games that are a little less about banging your face against indecipherably-obtuse multiplayer gong shows that aren’t really that complicated except that yes they are (also known as “raids”), you can opt for Overwatch instead—$20 for the regular release or $30 for the Game of the Year edition. World of Warcraft is also on for half-price, taking it to $10 for the base game, which includes all expansions through Warlords of Draenor, and WoW: Legion can be had for $25, or $45 for the Digital Deluxe.

There are also deals available in Heroes of the Storm, including 33 percent off the Legendary Bundle (which includes the Angry Cloud mount, previously only available for purchase with shards), the Skin Bundle, and various individual heroes, skins, mounts, and items. Full details on the HotS deals are available on

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