CamFi Pro, the fastest wireless camera controller

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CamFi Pro is one of the fastest wireless camera controllers in the world. It uses 802.11ac to transfer the photos from the camera which is 2-3 times faster than most of the built-in Wi-Fi cameras and other 2.4g Hz wireless camera controllers. You can use iPhone, Android, PC or Mac to control your camera remotely. And you can print or preview your photo as you’re shooting. It supports Canon, Nikon, and Sony. CamFi Pro will save you a lot of time when transferring the images and avoid shooting from an awkward pose, improving your productivity significantly.


Auto transmit photos as shooting

CamFi Pro supports automatically transmitting and show photos on the connected devices ( mobile, PC or Mac) as soon as they are taken. With the 802.11ac, you can get the picture from camera more easily and quickly than ever before. Both raw and jpeg are supported. You may also use selective transfer for only transfer jpeg and save raw on SD card.

Smooth live view and powerful remote control

With the high transfer speed, you may enjoy the smooth live view of the camera remotely, touch the screen to auto focus, adjust shutter speed, aperture, iso with the app. You may easily use a large screen device as a monitor to check the focus and other camera settings.

Sony support

CamFi does not only support Canon and Nikon, but also Sony cameras. Photographers can view the live view on the client device, change the ISO, shutter speed and aperture and shoot remotely. It can also be used as the second monitor for video recording. Smooth live view and large screen of iPad bring the amazing user experience.



Focus Stacking

CamFi Pro also supports HDR and focus stacking, which are often used by many professional photographers.  More advanced program mode are in developing. It will combine HDR and focus stacking together,  improve the productivity massively.

Multiple Camera Control

CamFi Pro can work with multiple cameras. You can trigger numerous cameras to shoot simultaneously. After the shooting, it will transfer and group the photos to the server automatically, build the video and playback. By using 5.8G Hz band, it effectively avoids interference by other wireless signals, which makes it is easy to set up on the event show. It can be applied to build the bullet time effect and 3D modeling.

Auto Print

With CamFi Pro and CamFi Matrix (software), you can auto print the photos while you are shooting. You can also set the template or watermark to your picture. It improves the productivity greatly for the busy photographers.

Tech Specs

Width: 4.13in

Height: 2.42in

Length: 1.48in

Weight: 5.4oz ( Batteries included)

Battery: 3200mAh Replaceable

Battery Life: 3 hours ( can be charged while working)

Distance: 60 meters

Wifi: 802.11ac, 5.8Hz


Supported Cameras


CamFi Story

In 2015, we released CamFi wireless camera controller successfully. It has been widely used in many industries worldwide, such as photography, 3D modeling, health care. In these two years, we have got many suggestions from the professional photographers, which inspired us to develop the new generation product, CamFi Pro. The support from you will allow us to bring our ideas to life and make some of the best photography gear on the market. We hope you’ll join us for the next step of the journey.


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